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About Company

Mission - to continue delivering excellent and honest exchange experience round the clock.

Vision - to become a leader in the exchange industry by nurturing one client at a time.

Exchange.blue is - shirf


We’re proud to present our innovative and secure P2P exchange platform. Exchange.blue (company - Capital Markets Consulting, registered in Ukraine) is proud to deliver an exclusive digital currency exchange service. When it comes to serving clients, our innovative platform is made to provide only the top notch experience. Our support team is eager to take every necessary step forward in developing positive, long standing relationship with every single one of you.

Why us?

Here are some of our highest rated qualities that we’re genuinely proud of:
  • We get the job done fast! When it comes to money transfers, we truly understand the value of time, therefore our dedicated agents are standing by to ensure your orders get processed without delays.
  • Always competitive exchange rates! When it comes to picking the best rates and committing to lowest fees, we understand the importance of being on the winning team, that is precisely why we strive to offer only the top and the most competitive rates in the industry.
  • Importance of security! Indeed, when it comes to conducting transactions over the internet, the security aspect of each transaction remains the most discussed question today. With that in mind, we made it our top priority to assure the security of the sensitive information that you share with us. We strive our very best to insure the anonymity of each transaction. Please note, we do not ask for your personal information such as name, address and telephone.

We are a team of young, goal-oriented, and successful intrapreneurs, always ready and willing to tackle upon a new challenge. We came to to crypto/e-currency industry in the early 2017. We identified a deep gap in the customer service and internet security areas, and decided to fill the gap with years of our professional experience in technology, customer support and forex/futures markets. We believe our open minded approach will revolutionize the future of the digital currency exchange industry.

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